Spring, 2020


This is a collection of digital art pieces made almost entirely during the initial lockdown due to COVID-19. The first was started in May of 2020, a bit before the actual lockdown, but was in theory just a test of the overall style the collection took on. This technically started with the 'Paradise Made' comic cover from a few years ago. That piece is almost entirely stippled, but at such a high resolution it becomes hard to tell. This series is a return to stippling, but with the dots being much clearer, and the goal being to feature the "low" resolution, rather than work to hide it. The collection as a whole is made with mixed media in mind. From screenprinting, to etching with a laser cutter, to woodcuts made with CNC, this "lower resolution" is more to make it easier to use those tools to generate real work versions of the digital pieces.

Style Test

A fairly quick piece to help establish a workflow for getting linework down, then moving to the shading. I had just picked up a set of brushes for Procreate that were perfect for this style, and this was in essence a "sketch" of what I wanted the collection to look like.


Cosmic Furnace

The first explicitly planned piece of the collection. I knew I wanted to do something with planets early on with this style. Perhaps too obviously space is very suited to this style, and I will continue to use imagery from the cosmos throughout the series.



First use of the black hole design. It is actually based only early computational models of black holes that were programmed on punch cards in the 1960s.


Grasping at a Vacuum

Another use of the black hole and it's ability to suck the air out of a room.



Last use of the black hole, and perhaps the most bizarre. The face is symetrical which makes it very awkward to the eye, taking some inspiration from the look of the Blue Man Group. The black hole replacing the mouth continues this sort of trinity of pieces playing with the idea of some void consuming it's surroundings.


The Revolution is Live

Made on Blackout Tuesday at the height of the George Floyd protests. I drew this while listening to Gil Scott Heron's album 'Pieces of a Man'.


Can't Breathe

A follow up to the Blackout Tuesday piece, continuing the commentary on ongoing social issues.


Sipping on Ice

A fairly simplistic piece inspired by a song I quite enjoy.



A piece for pride month. A reminder that, while pride often gets turned into a bit a party, a ton of people have put their lives on the line to get us where we are now, and that there is still more work to do. I wish I could have incorporated more color into the piece, but I also find some appeal to the more somber side of pride this shows.


Make to Feel/Make to Forget

The final piece of the collection, and the one I am most torn over. This diptych comes from my own struggle to stay creative and active with my art, and with making in general, throughout lockdown. The second half, 'Make to Forget', could use some work. I might revisit the linework to bring it more inline with 'Make to Feel'. Perhaps as shown by it being the header photo on this page, I think 'Make to Feel' is a great culminating piece for this series. The three tools featured in both pieces represent the three mediums I engage with; drawing, cooking, and sculpture. Hearkening all the way back to 'Day Blind Stars' I also experimented with inverting the colors and am very pleased with the result. I'm putting this style to rest for now. 2020 was a rough year for everyone, and these pieces hold a lot of memories I have not fully reconciled with myself.