Portrait of an Artist as a Young Engineer

Fall, 2017


This project started with a romanticized vision of my return to art after spending 2.5 years in engineering. After some initial critiques and chatting with visiting artists, I settled on this idea of taking that core symbol of my favorite childhood toy, the 2x4 LEGO brick, and experimenting with the construction of it. I had seen this video at some point, and had been playing with silicone, so I decided I wanted to make a "flesh brick" -- a LEGO fetus if you will. A soft, fleshy, mildly revolting, and definitely infantile brick would endeavor to evoke a sense of the famous coming of age novel by Jame Joyce from which the piece's name is taken. To go along with that, I picked up screen printing to produce books of "Impossible Instructions" to be used with this brick of life. They are blank. I like to let people draw their own conclusions, so I shall leave it there with a description.



This is the image used to burn the screen I used to ink directly onto the pedestal of the exhibit. I had just started the process of printing and hand cutting out the letters when I realized it was going to be a tediously slow undertaking. So, I took a risk with my freshly sanded and painted pedestal and tried screen printing right onto the side, and it worked out great.


Book Covers

These are the black screen layer only, so where there is black in the image is where ink will be let through the screen.

cover_1_final cover_2_final cover_3_final cover_4_final

Version 2

Final casting in some SmoothOn Dragon Skin Medium, which is the leading silicone used for ballistics testing, meant to simulate human muscle and flesh.


Version 1

First attempt at taking a silicone cast out of a silicone mold -- lots of mold release and SmoothOn Rebound 25.


Master Scuplt

The original clay sculpt of the LEGO brick. There is a wooden form in the core to save on some clay, and the final dimensions are 30cm x 15cm x 15cm.